Top Ten Signs Your Hamster is Smarter Than You

10.	You can't understand its article in the New England Journal of Medicine
9.	You notice hypnotizing red rings on the hamster wheel
8.	Rather than running on its circle, it uses it to calculate pi
7.	While you were busy installing Windows 95, your hamster learned to
	speak Esperanto, and began translating "Godel, Escher, Bach"
6.	It doesn't have a second mortgage on its habitrail
5.	You wake up in the morning and your calculus is done and there are
	droppings on your paper.
4.	He quits running in his wheel while you still go to office every day
3.	You have to keep asking it to set the VCR
2.	You're on the exercise wheel, it's on the Stairmaster®
1.	It came up with a better top ten entry than you did

Taken from Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List (The site is dead, can't find the new one)

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